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My name is William “COOCH” Mackson! I’m the youngest of 9 children of the late Eural and Nora Mackson. As Mom used to say “The last button on Gabes coat”. As a 50 year-old father of 4, I fancy myself an Activist, Artist, Designer, and Entrepreneur.

In the early 80’s I created the brand ‘COOCH STYLE” a line of fashions that was the precursor to today’s Hip Hop fashions of the street. Long before Hoodies and oversized wear became en vogue and lines like FUBU, Phat Pharm, ROCK-A-WEAR and Echo Wear came on the scene I was like what Little Richard was to Rock and Roll “An Innovator and creator of the first Black Hip Hop clothing designs that helped to create the culture”. Without a doubt, the first in the area of the small town of Lakewood N.J. to do what I was doing.

I and another individual by the name of Vincent Carpio were without question a major influence on up and coming designers in the area, most notably, Marc Echo who I knew long before he got to where he is now. I have always been a fan of Hip Hop music, ever since it hit the streets and I first heard the words of the timeless, The Sugar Hill Gang classic tune, Rapper’s Delight:

“I said a hip hop, Hippie to the hippie,
The hip, hip a hop, and you don’t stop, a rock it
To the bang bang boogie, say, up jump the boogie,
To the rhythm of the boogie the beat.”

I’ve been a Hip Hop junkie since.

Now, I’m trying to become the first person to put Hip Hop in a book for kids to read. There are many children who love reciting rap lyrics but cannot read very well. I believe by using Hip Hop characters and rap-type wording, kids will want to pick up this type of reading material. I can remember at one time being one of those kids, who was not able to read until the 5th grade; this was until I was introduced to a reading program which gave me the tools needed so I could learn to read better.

Using rap and rhyme as a learning tool may encourage many of these kids that are growing up on Hip Hop music. Hopefully this approach just might inspire them to also pick up other types of books to read. Especially, when the book is of a subject they enjoy. This more than anything is my reason for writing THE HIP HOP CATZ & THE K-9 CREW children’s book.

This project would not have been a reality for me without the support of my family, and the inspiration and assistance from my very good friend the aforementioned Vincent Carpio graphic designer and illustrator par excellent! Giving credit where credit is due Vincent was highly instrumental in the development of the Hip Hop Catz. My absolute hope and prayer is that this project will manifest itself as a vehicle for youngsters to discover the joy of reading and open the doors to unlimited possibilities. A profound saying my father, a man with a 1st grade education used to say, “A Heap Sees But A Few Knows, A Heap Starts But a Few Goes”. One must take one step to begin a journey.

William Earl (Cooch Style) Mackson


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    • Peace Mr. Benjamin, I really looking forward to meeting with you also. Mr. Earl is really interested in us coming together as well as myself. I’ve been looking for a educator to help me with my vision and I hope you are that Blessing.

      William E. Mackson

      • All I can say about our first meeting is…it’s on an poppin’ now
        and it’s all about Catz and Kids. Please check out my website: http://www.churchesmakingmovies.com. and see all the films we will be bringing to Rahway on Oct. 11-13. I know my son Evan Terry will come up with some great hip hop dances for the Hip Hop Catz….I know everybody will be begging for Hip Hop Edutainment…a concept I have built a 26 year teaching career upon…but nobody knew it…unitl now!

      • Definitely a blessing! I would like to meet with you this Saturday morning at my home in Rahway. My address is 1853 Barnett Street, that is a right off of Milton Avenue., across the highway, Rt. 1&9. This will give you a chance to meet my son and I can give you a tour of the Rahway Public Library, Hotel Indigo where we will have the film festival and have to experience the Rahway Arts District. I hope you had a chance to visit my website: http://www.churchesmakingmovies.com. and viewed the trailers for the films we will be presenting. What has started as a small thing as developed into a major film festival, all due to the grace and guidance of God. Just one of the many blessings I would like to share with folks like yourself. We are family, I truly believe that.

  1. I bought a book of yours in 2010, “The Hip Hop Catz & The K9 Crew”. I just picked it up while moving other books. Have not seen or heard of you since 2010, though I now see you are online long after. Wonder where you are and what you are currently doing, that is local events and current books. I have a granddaughter and always trying to introduce and advance her in reading and our artistic contributions. Hope to hear from you. Peace.

    • Peace Mr. Accoo. WoW I appreciate your support back then. I don’t have anyone to handle my site, so I don’t see these comments. So, I apologize for the late response. I’m working on doing better. I expanded on what I do, by having live costume characters of the HIP HOP CATZ who perform HIP HOP EDUTAINMENT songs. These songs will soon be available for sale. If your book isn’t holding up please contact me and I’ll send you a new book. Here’s my email:2011miccheck@gmail.com.

      William E. Mackson

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