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As we all know Hip Hop has had several transformations, some for the better and some for the worse, but none for the babies and children who enjoy it. I believe by using Hip Hop as a learning tool we can help create an industry that will have a major impact on the world.

MIC CHECK 1,2,1,2 LLC. knows there is no ownership to Hip Hop but, we can
own a industry that can put out a certain kinds of Hip Hop. We call that industry the HIP HOP EDU-TAINMENT™” industry. Rated “ED-Hip-Hop”.

It’s our vision to make HIP HOP EDU-TAINMENT™ industry as big as Disney, Viacom, Nickelodeon, Sesame Street, etc., just to name a few. To produce a industry with a direct connection to our youth will afford the opportunity to many talented inner city kids, that are not only eager, willing, and hardworking But, for those who have the motivation that its going to take to make it, also give them the drive to want to make it . . . hands down from MIC CHECK 1,2,1,2 LLC.© vision.

We are creating a Hip Hop music industry that will cater to kids from birth to 13 years old, but we encourage others to take what we produce as well. We will provide positive, educational, entertaining Hip Hop music and television productions. We want to build the first Hip Hop amusement park, called “THE HIP HOP CATZ FUN ZONE”. Instead of Mickey and Goofy, we’ll have MC TIGER MIC, DJ CAT SCRATCH, B-BOY FLIP and graffiti artist HISS. As well as a host of other Hip Hop characters in MIC CHECK 1,2,1,2 LLC. portfolio . . . (As It is too much to mention).

Moving forward, we also want to be able to hire the old and young Hip Hoppers that LOVE Hip Hop culture! Many old school MC’s can be hired by MIC CHECK 1,2,1,2 LLC. as voice over artist, writers etc. in our productions.

The present Hip Hop industry don’t have any use for the pioneers of Hip Hop but we have a lot of use for them. We’re looking to put back in their hands what they helped to build.

Dr. Suess has made a major impact on the education system by using rhyme in his children books. Well, M.C. LLC. believes its HIP HOP EDUT-AINMENT™ industry that will be the next education concept to help with teaching the next generation now and the one to come in the future.

William E. Mackson
CEO of MIC CHECK 1,2,1,2 LLC.©

Founder of the HIP HOP EDUTAINMENT™ industry.




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