William Mackson, Creator Bio

My name is William “COOCH” Mackson! I’m the youngest of 9 children of the late Eural and Nora Mackson. As Mom used to say “The last button on Gabes coat”. As a 50 year-old father of 4, I fancy myself an Activist, Artist, Designer, and Entrepreneur.

In the early 80’s I created the brand ‘COOCH STYLE” a line of fashions that was the precursor to today’s Hip Hop fashions of the street. Long before Hoodies and oversized wear became en vogue and lines like FUBU, Phat Pharm, ROCK-A-WEAR and Echo Wear came on the scene I was like what Little Richard was to Rock and Roll “An Innovator and creator of the first Black Hip Hop clothing designs that helped to create the culture”. Without a doubt, the first in the area of the small town of Lakewood N.J. to do what I was doing.

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