I’m Tiger Mic coming straight at you, rapper MC in this hip-hop crew. I use rap to talk to you as I follow the music of the DJ’s groove, I use rap stories to communicate and use hip-hop to educate. To all of you who can relate, put a paw in the air and give me a wave.

As I stand alone on this microphone I can rap fun stories straight from the dome. I rap with the rhythm of the DJ’s beat. I put a sentence together and make the words meet. When I have the mic in my tiger paw, my word play will have you all in awe.

I’m a hip-hop cat with much to say, I can rap to any style all kinds of ways. There’s not a hood I don’t represent, a cat like me is magnificent. On the mic I got much confidence, I learned to read and write my vowels and alphabets. That’s why I rap with intelligence and what I say makes some sense. I’ll leave you now but I’ll be back, I’m Tiger Mic of the Hip-Hop Catz.

Hiss is who I am, I do graffiti art. Like no other in the crew, I spray paint my part. Bright and colorful images for all to see, I even put graffiti where it shouldn’t be.

I create street art using color spray cans. I paint graffiti where you couldn’t imagine. Like on an abandoned building, an ugly sight. With a few cans of paint, I’ll make it look nice. Doing things like that wasn’t good, so I started making money from cats in my hood. I would spray graffiti on the cat’s clothes or make a backdrop for a hip-hop show.

The sound of the paint from a spray can is how I got my name and describe who I am. Hiss, yes that’s me, I love hip-hop, street graffiti is where I get my props. I create letters and pictures for the hip-hop scenes, my street art skills reign supreme.

They call me Flip, I do break dance tricks, I’m the cat girls like to dance with. On the cardboard floor I defy gravity laws, you’ll never see me holding up dance club walls. I can fall onto my back and become a spinning cat, you’ll say to yourself, how cool is that?

Break into a copter move, do 10 spins. Stop on a dime, give you a cat’s grin. Flip to my head like I was doing a paw stand, spread my legs like I’m a Chinese fan. On my head I begin to spin, with my paws out I create some wind. Hop to my paws, staying with the break beat, I wave my arms like I’m a flying sheet.

Flop on the ground like a flattened pancake, move my tail like it’s a sideways snake. Shake and pop like I’m a bag of popcorn and stay with the rhythm of the hip-hop songs. These moves helped break dance to be born, this new dance took the world by storm. The dances I do, the moves I make, come from the music hip-hop creates.

I’m DJ Cat Scratch, I create the sounds, to make you feel the rhythm and dance around. I am hip-hop I create the scene, for breakers, graffiti artists and the rap MCs. I’m the original MC in this hip-hop game, Master of Ceremonies is the unknown name. Rapper, MC, is one in the same, but as time has gone by, the title changed.

Now the MC is known as a rapper. They follow my beats and words they master. Disc Jockey is the long way to say, the one who plays records is a DJ. I also flow on the chrome microphone, but on the turntables is where my skills are shown. The party won’t get started until I set the mood. My turntables and records are my instruments and my tools.

I use two turntables to mix the songs, from 2 records, 1 is born. My paws move from left to right, I spin records while on the mic. Yes, yes y’all, you don’t stop, I’m DJ Cat Scratch, I make music for hip-hop. This music comes from all types of sounds, like Jazz, Rock n Roll, Funk and James Brown. I’m the foundation of this hip-hop, that’s rap, break dance, graffiti and the human beat box.